ECOSmart Organic Pesticides

Quality bio-insecticides, such as ECOSmart will help you eliminate your insect and pest problems. All without toxic chemicals of any kind! No Chemicals, No Toxins and perfectly safe for you, your kids, your pets and the environment!

I use this B&G Sprayer to apply EcoSMART organic pesticides. I chose this model because I wanted the precise adjustments needed for interior use and I can spray the baseboards under cabinets easily with the extended hose without bending over.

You need to ask yourself a question when you are spraying anything in your home. "Is this going to stain, leave a grease spot, ruin a lacquer finish?" I held my breath the first time I used this product in the corners of my garage, which are painted sheet rock. I have not had any staining or watermarks whatsoever. This is another reason to have a really good quality sprayer. If you use a $20 sprayer, it's going to look like someone sprayed with a $20 sprayer. While it may work excellent out in the lawn and garden, don't use it indoors. Having three kids, I am really relieved to find an organic product that is lethal to insects and doesn't pose a health risk for my family or cat!

Bioinsecticides work on the octapomine receptors of insects to disrupt their nervous systems. Since only insects have these receptors these products are safe. They are approved for use commercial, residential, agricultural, food service kitchens, restaurants, schools, hospitals and even in organic food production facilities. Because it’s not a chemical or hazardous material it is not regulated by EPA regulations. It is so safe and effective that you can use it directly on livestock and pets to kill fleas and ticks.

Solve your problem! Whether it’s roaches, termites grubs, spiders, wasps, you name it! This is the natural alternative to poisons and hazardous chemicals and we can now help you get yourself and save big. Now you can get 100% organic pest control and do-it-yourself! Your common sense can save dollars.

If you can operate a pump sprayer and follow simple directions you’re over halfway done. Your common sense can save you dollars!

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