Do-It-Yourself with organic pesticides

Do It Yourself and save big! While gathering data for an article I was writing,I called several national pest control companies posing as someone who had seen spiders in their home and wanting an estimate.

At one pest control service, I was given an estimate of $130 for the first visit and then in two weeks another visit at $92 and then $92 every other month! I am still trying to figure out how they are able to identify the problem when they haven’t even been to my property to inspect it? That is a whole lot of money to pay for someone to walk around and spray the baseboards with toxic chemicals.

You can purchase a quality sprayer and a gallon of organic insecticide for a fraction of the cost!

It is important to realize that spraying for spiders, ants, cockroaches is not a complicated chore. However, If you suspect that you may have termites, I highly recommend that you secure the services of an ‘independent’ inspector that has the training, expertise, tools and experience to precisely identify the pest problems you have. Your local real estate association or realty agent should have a couple of phone numbers available from past experience. A professional inspector will identify what and where the problems are and at what stage of infestation you are at. They will be looking in places you may have never seen and will point out where the are structural issues such as holes or cracks that need to be addressed. They will also put their findings in a written report for you. This is important information to save if you decide to do your own termite control as it will be a different pesticide formulation and application procedure.

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