Bio-wash is one of a handful of bio-nanotech products that are gaining momentum and acceptance by farmers from coast to coast.

While they may seem new to you and I they have actually been in use for over a decade on farms across the United States and in university research studies. 

Then these nano-engineered products went real to life farms where they have been extensively tested with every major crop in the United States.

Don't let the term "nano" throw you, there are no miniature robots or life forms creeping about. In this case we are refering strictly to size.

This product is made up of liquid particles of only a few microns in size. They allow nutrients to enter directly into the plant tissue.  This greatly enhances fertilizer absorption and increases photosynthesis.

Farmers are increasingly searching for natural methods of enhancing their crop yields in ways that are harmless to the environment and Bio-Wash fit the bill.

Understandably, there is a growing sense of hesitation on the part of farmers to apply hazardous chemicals onto their crops.

Petroleum based fertilizers are coming under increased government (and public)  scrutiny as their destructive effects on the soil and water have become more publicized.

As the EPA is set to release  hundreds of new regulations under the guise of  combating climate change and reducing emissions,  bio-nanotechnology is poised for significant growth.

Pesticide use which was once taken for granted, is now commonly frowned upon as consumers become more aware that they are likely to be consuming these same chemicals.

It is in this light that one can appreciate the rising popularity of  this wholly biodegradable product with no carcinogenic properties.  It is important to note that is not a fertilizer, but reduces the amount of fertilizers used while also increasing their effectiveness.  Using less fertilizer has clear economic benefits for farmers. 

Fertilizer contains concentrations of nutrients to help feed plants.   Bio-nanotechnology helps reduce the overall size of a fertilizers elements to the nano scale and allows their molecules to enter directly into the cell wall of the plant!  They do not even need to enter the stoma.
The effect is that crops are now able to absorb the same level of nutrients while using a far smaller amount of fertilizer to reach the desired outcome.

But what is Bio-Wash actually made of?

It is made up of all natural ingredients that have been nano-engineered at a molecular level to form particles known as colloidal micelles. 

Essentially, key nutrients in soil such as carbon, calcium and magnesium  become more easily absorbed by the plants, allowing them to grow more successfully.

Research has indicated a variety of crops have had noticeable increase in both plant health and yields that are harvested.

This increase is conspicuous both in regard to the quantity and quality of the yield, which has the direct effect of increasing the profit margins of farmers. Therefore, it is not surprising that bio-nanotechnology based products are becoming more prevalent.

Made from all natural ingredients, there are no synthetic or petroleum based chemicals so it is a very safe product to use.

This is exciting news for sustainable farmers and organic growers alike! This is the market niche that is likely to see the most explosive growth in bio-nanotechnology products in the next few years. 

By increasing the rate of the absorption of nutrients,  plants mature at a faster pace than normal.  The larger roots of plants treated with this process are responsible for a far more effective process of photosynthesis, leading to remarkable rates of plant growth.  

As an added benefit, research has proven that it is effective in repelling and resisting certain insects.

Increased levels of sugar produced by plants (brix level) treated with this product proves indigestible to many insects which reduces pesticide inputs as well.  In other words, not only will one produce a more prosperous yield, but it will even be more protected from the threat of insects. 

Impressively, Bio-Wash is able to perform these roles while remaining a substance that is almost entirely composed of natural extracts from plants. As a result, Bio-Wash is entirely biodegradable and unlike traditional fertilizer which is thought to cause no long-term damage to the soil, Bio-wash is completely bio-degradable.

This fills a much needed vacuum on the market for a natural, non-toxic alternative that effectively boosts one’s yields while acting through biological processes.

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