Avenger Liquid Kelp

Kelp is well known for its beneficial effects on germination and a naturally high content of plant hormones that boost growth.

Unlike chemical fertilizers, there is no danger of over-fertilizing or burning your plants. Solubility and release rates are much lower than chemical fertilizers.

Liquid kelp is broken down at a slower rate by microorganisms to ensure a steady supply of nutrients. It nourishes the soil through micro nutrients, which leads to healthier root and plant growth. This regulated nutrient boost allows for maximum performance.

It can be delivered to plants through their roots by watering or root drench. An alternate method is foliar feeding that involves spraying the foliage or leaves in order to transfer the nutrients.

This method is more effective than soil drenching since the nutrients are directly absorbed by the plants.

Avenger liquid kelp is used in a variety of ways. It works as an excellent rooting solution for cuttings to promote the development of roots, which gives them a greater chance to survive. As a general organic soil treatment, kelp encourages the growth of healthier plants with greater immunity to diseases.

Experienced growers will tell you that seeds that are soaked in a solution of liquid kelp will increase the percentage of germination and helps produce healthier roots and seedlings. The general use of Avenger liquid kelp does a great job of assisting osmosis in plants during periods of drought and stress.

 It will also encourage betaine growth needed for osmosis and increase the absorption of nutrients and proteins so that they do not undergo any stress.

Alginates, the starch content in liquid kelp acts like a sponge to ensure an even and healthy supply of moisture. It also contains over 70 minerals and is an excellent source two plant growth hormones, cytokines and auxins, in addition to natural chelating agents.

Cytokinins improve soil tilth, increases the production of chlorophyll and enhances the process of photosynthesis. It is also responsible for delaying the aging process in fall, as the plants prepare for winter by exfoliation.

Auxins stimulate rooting and promote fruit development and are high in carbohydrate content, essential for the growth of plants.

Carbohydrates feed the useful micro-organisms in the soil which leads to the development of healthy soil from which the nutrients can be easily absorbed by the plants.

 Liquid kelp contains an excellent balance of plant hormones that help regulate germination and boost the healthy development of a plant from its stem formation right until flowering and the ripening of fruit.

Liquid kelp helps plants develop a stronger cell wall, which allows for extra protection from disease, heat, fungus, and a stressful environment. It has the potential to increase crop yields of fruits and vegetables significantly.

You don’t have to worry about storing liquid kelp since it cannot cause any harm to children, animals, and other useful insects.

Plants require less watering when you use liquid kelp, which is a great way to help conserve this precious resource.

In short, Avenger Liquid Kelp is a great source to provide the secondary and micro nutrients that your crops need.


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