AgraCycle Promotes Sustainable Recycling

AgraCycle is a non-profit organization that provides solutions and strategies for business and municipalities to implement landfill diversion and zero-waste initiatives.

There are many companies that recycle in one form or another. From metal and glass to plastics and pallets. Unfortunately, the largest percentage of waste that we generate in what is refereed to as organic wastes and only a fractional percentage is ever recycled.

In the hotel industry, experts estimate that up to 72% of the total waste is classified as organic waste. This is comprised of both pre and post consumer food waste, wet or soiled paper, fiber containers and cardboard.

Some large producers of waste are able make use of existing open-air composting facilities or hog farms. Neither of these two is a viable option in most areas. Open air composting facilities have problems with offensive odors that carry far beyond their property lines. In addition to attracting birds, rats and other foraging animals.

With open air composting organic wastes are piled up in long windrows and require heavy equipment to regularly turn the pile and spray it with water. It is an energy intensive operation. This process requires enormous amounts of land, machinery and employees able to operate it. Other problems include the risk of fire from spontaneous combustion, blowing debris, vectors and of course the stench.

AgraCycle has devloped two solutions for recycling organic waste instead of dumping it in a landfill.

One option an in-vessel composting unit named the Vee-Stack. This unit only uses about as much energy as a 100 watt light bulb. It eliminates the problems that plague open air composting facilities. Each unit can process about ten tons of organic waste per day into compost for amending soil.

The other option makes use of Effective Microorganisms which ferment organic waste in sealed units. This technology, pioneered by Dr Tuero Higa, preserves all the nutrients, trace elements and minerals contained in the organic waste without the production of methane or other green house gasses. The finished product is fermented by beneficial fungi and makes high quality soil amendment. Click here for more information about

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